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When you delegate to ACI69 Nodes Get The Optimized Trading Bot, for Free! 

choose the token to delegate from the list

1,000 or more Band $BAND

1,000 or more QUASAR $QSR

1,000 or more Kava $KAVA

  1,000,000 or more Chihuahua $HUAHUA

1,000 or more Juno $JUNO

You will get 1 year of free trading bot!

We will pay 1 year bot membership for you for free

At the time of your activation, write in the comments your wallet address and the amount of crypto you have delegated to our partner nodes.  Remember to also leave a valid telegram username for get the Bot Free!

You will be contacted within 72 hours and if you have delegated  at least 1,000 or more tokens to ACI69 Nodes you will have 1 year free

The tokens will remain in your wallet and you will help the nodes to self-sustain while you earn compound interests

Nodes Powered By TOT AI BOT

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Feel Free To Delegate With Us

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